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We can help! Don’t buy a new Iphone or Android! Our specially-selected, locally-based, factory-trained technicians can get your phone¬† working again, and for less than you think!

We can also help with these services:

  • Buy used or refurbished smartphones or cell phones
  • Easy loans on certain models of smartphones
  • Unlock any smartphone/cellphone!
  • Low cost, easy service plans/coverage for peace of mind

They often say experience makes the difference and its definitely true here. We have helped countless customers get their iPod, iPad or iPhone repaired quickly and inexpensively as possible. cell phone repair pros are a full service repair facility locally owned in OH. We stock numerous OEM phone repair parts, which means our technicians are equipped to repair nearly any issue with you Apple Device. Our technicians are the best in the biz no questions asked as we will thoroughly inspect you device to make sure it continues to give you many years of enjoyment.

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Do you need iPhone repair ? OK lets admit it, regardless of how careful you are the iPhone is incredibly easy to break! This is why it gets the nickname the “Glass phone”. You really need to be careful when choosing an iPhone repair store. Almost every day we hear a new story about people having their iPhone’s stolen from them when they mailed them into a fake business! We have a very long standing reputation and best of all you can have a iPhone repair company take care of you right here in .

iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair Cincinnati - 407 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH Tel: 513-268-7321

iPhone Repair Cincinnati

Give us a call we are ready to help answer any questions you may have regarding iPhone repair! We have seen everything from iPhone’s being driven over by commercial trucks to a screen shattering from a simple 2 inch drop. If you broke it, we can fix it and more than likely have seen it broken in the exact same way! You can read reviews from our customers on our reviews page. You are more than welcome to submit a review statement or video yourself. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback!

iPhone Screen Repair

We are the ONLY company that offers a return policy on the repair and/or service. You heard that right! If you do not like our quality of work we will give you a full refund no questions asked. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all services. We are the only iPhone Screen repair company to offer a warranty on all our services. It is our most important goal to offer you the highest quality service possible or available any where right here in .

You spent a lot of money on that great piece of technology, why risk sending it into a company that has notorious bad reviews and might even be stealing your personal information?

MYTH: Cell phone repair takes weeks

TRUTH: With our iPhone Repair Pros most repairs have same day service

MYTH: Cell phone repair is inconvenient.

TRUTH: With professional iPhone Repair’s convenient repair service it only take a few minutes to drop off your device and we take care of the rest.

MYTH: iPhone repair is too expensive

TRUTH: depending on the version of your iPhone and the kind of repair needed, the price of repair or screen replacement needed may be as low as $20

MYTH: People who have cell phone insurance should not bother getting their phone repaired

TRUTH: For many plans, a deductible applies that may be higher than the cost of the repair itself! If your phone is not operating as it should, it pays to know your options, cell phone repair may be far less expensive than making a claim with your carrier.

MYTH: Cell phone repair is not worth the money if i could go and get a new iPhone or device from my cell phone service carrier for free.

iPhone Screen Repair Cincinnati - 407 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH Tel: 513-268-7321

iPhone Screen Repair Cincinnati

TRUTH: Well perhaps, they may not charge you up front, but if you read the details in the fine print, you will discover that your service agreement is often extended if you do accept the free phone, sometimes by as much as 3 yrs. If you decide to switch cellular service providers during that time or stop using a mobile phone, you will pay a heavy penalty or termination fee.

iPhone Screen Replacement

If you have read all of this you are probably asking yourself, what makes your cell phone repair service so great? Very simple, we have been in the cell phone repair industry for a very long time and our service repair record is immaculate. We plan to keep it that way by offering the highest quality of local customer service and the fastest repair turn around time.

iPhone Screen

iPhone Repair Cincinnati | (513) 268-7321

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